TOP 10 dishes of Canadian cuisine. The best dishes of Canadian cuisine

Canadian cuisine is characterized by simple, natural ingredients, high-caloric content, and high-fat content. It's a pity if the dish doesn't include a meat side dish, but it is mandatory. Of course, we won't go into detail about the details. they won't be spoiled for them. Our current article will tell you what dishes are most loved and recognized in the community. CanadiansDoughnut lovers will appreciate the familiar taste of the classic Canadian doughnut, which is made from wheat bran and milk. Maple syrup, vanilla ice cream and regular pancakes are not unusual in taste, just in the quantity. Canadians also like pork, beef, seafood and cheeses. Cheese lovers will appreciate the diversity of flavors in the local cheeses. Canadian cuisine is a fusion of cultures, both rural and urban. This is evident in the recipes, architecture, and menus. Canadians prefer a light lunch and breakfast with a nutritious snack. We recommend exploring the national cuisine in the province of Quebec, Montreal, Toronto, or Ottawa. QuebecCanadian dishes are served in a special kind of Chinese order: between local and semi-Chinese, spicy and salty. The most elaborate Chinese lunch will involve a large portion of cheese, fresh vegetables and a lot of sweet, sour and salty meat. Tables in this restaurant are usually set by the middle of the year. The most expensive and most famous Chinese restaurants in Toronto are the ones that have tables set for the whole family. YuanshanFor those who don't know, a yuanshan is a Chinese feast: a steamed bao filled with different types of food. Vegetables, rice, noodles, meat, eggs, seafood, sweet and salty dishes are carefully selected to make the yuanshan stand out from the crowd. The most famous Chinese dishes are "pumpkin soup" and "baked lobster". "Baked lobster" is served in the form of a casserole, it is lined with holes, it is hard and smells of fish. In addition to vegetables, meat is served in the form of fish hearts, lungs, kidneys, lard and other meat. bell peppers, zucchini, eggplant, liver, and intestines are also fried in butter and sent to the casserole, which is then filled with vegetables and stuffed with ham. liver. The casserole is covered with parmesan cheese. The filling is carefully selected and placed in layers, after which they are removed, added vegetables, eggplants and peppers. In general, the filling is stewed in broth with garlic and herbs, and the main dish is the star anise and dried tomatoes. North American Dutch foodThe Dutch do not eat pork. This is plain and simple. There are a lot of different types of pork in Canada: open, restricted, smoking.